Economic opportunities in east London

Key stage 4 Geography

Enquiry question: What are the new economic opportunities from the Olympic legacy?

Learning objectives

Knowledge and understanding

There has been long-term decline in manufacturing industry in east London

The building of the Olympic Park led to further loss of manufacturing jobs

There has been growth of a post-industrial economy around the Olympic Park

Geographical skills

Business location assessment

Classification and mapping of economic activities

Questionnaire about employment

Decision-making on location for a new business

Learning outcomes

Most students will be able to:

Assess the business potential for a location

Classify types of economic activity and show these on a map

Carry out a questionnaire to find out about job opportunities in east London

Make a decision about the best location for a new business

Identify new economic opportunities from the Olympic legacy

Relate new jobs around the Olympic Park to the context of economic change in east London

Pre-visit recommendation

Students read about economic change in east London, including the decline of manufacturing industry and the docks and the regeneration of Docklands.

They find out about the requirements of a chosen business – a café, bicycle shop, film company or recruitment agency.


Sheet 1: Economic change in East London


Meet at Stratford station. Point out reasons for economic opportunities in east London - good transport, cheap available land, public and private investment, e.g. Olympics and Westfield.

Students work in small groups through the day. Each group will represent a different type of business and assess the potential of the locations they visit for their business.


Sheet 2: London Legacy map


Location 1: Stratford Town Centre. Students carry out a business location survey for their business. They could talk to local business owners or centre management. They carry out an employment questionnaire with people in Stratford. They start to classify and map economic activities in the area around the Olympic Park.

Location 2: Westfield/East Village. Walk through Westfield and East Village. Students continue their business location survey. They continue to classify/map economic activities.

Location 3: Fish Island/Hackney Wick. Walk through Olympic Park to Fish Island and Hackney Wick and walk around the area. Students continue their business location survey and to classify/map economic activities. Optional meeting with a representative of a social enterprise.

Location 4: Here East. Students complete their business location survey and classification/map of economic activities. Optional meeting with a representative of Here East.


Sheet 3: Business location survey

Sheet 4: Employment questionnaire

Sheet 5: Economic activity map


Students, in their groups, decide on the best location for their chosen business. They report their decision to the whole group. Which types of business are most likely to grow around the Olympic Park? What are the advantages of these locations? How does the Olympic legacy affect economic opportunities in east London?


Sheet 6: Business DME